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Sometimes in order to tell the full story about a muraling experience, it requires a coffee table book with photos, recipes and amazing tales.
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The Manual, How to paint a mural in Piedras Negras, Mexico

The director of the school in Piedras Negras had her welcome down to a science. I said she could write the manual on how to welcome a gringo. Then, I turned around and wrote it from what I learned.

Liberia, the Mural Man Returns to Africa

It was absolutely amazing to return to Liberia after so many years since my Peace Corps days. I met a lot of new friends as I painted in Zorzor and Zwedru and then I found my best friend way off in the bush.

Brasil 5456 KM, the Mural Man Paints Brasil

A group of students under the direction of Ge raised the money to bring me to Brasil to paint two murals. You are not truly welcomed to Brasil until a family of 400 students welcome you to their homeland.
US $77.99
US $149.99
US $114.99
For whatever reason, the Liberia link doesn't work. However, if you want this book, I can order it for you and have it sent to you.

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