Working with SafetoLearn, these eBooks are tales from my muraling experiences around the world as well as cookbooks with the recipes I've gathered along the way.
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The Mural Man in Albania

Murals 6, 7 and 35 are in a corner of Europe that had donkeys as their main transportation when I first visited.


The Mural Man in South Africa

Mural 14 brought be back to Africa to paint in one of the townships around Johannesburg, South Africa.


The Mural Man in Liberia

Murals 43 and 44 were on a trip back to Liberia, sponsored by the US Embassy, back to my Peace Corps home.


The Mural Man in Moldova and Transnistria

Murals 45 and 46 were in the least visited corner of Europe, exactly the kind of place that I love to visit.


The Mural Man in Fiji and Nauru

Murals 47 and 48 were in Fiji and Nauru. Fiji, the paradise I never dreamed I'd see and Nauru, the smallest island nation on the planet.


A Taste of My World, Volume 1

Savor the adventure and tastes of travel in the USA, Haiti, Mexico, Ecuador, France, South Africa, Liberia, Finland and Morocco.


A Taste of My World, Volume 2

Savor the adventure and tastes of travel in the USA, Laos, Honduras, Zambia, Ecuador, Tanzania, Belgium, Costa Rica, Morocco and the Ivory Coast.

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