Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

One of my friends in Belgium made the website for Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. How cool is that to have on your resume? When he went to Paris, they put him up for free in an apartment right next to the Cathedral. The morning bells blasted you from your bed. Well, when he invited me to Paris with a free place to stay, he didn't have to ask twice. While he worked, I went to see a museum expo featuring Picasso and Matisse. And, while at Notre Dame, the rector of the cathedral said, "I wish I knew an artist who drew cartoons that appealed to children." Timing, as they say, is everything. I got a phone call to come meet the rector.

The project was to illustrate an interactive computer presentation that explained the history of the cathedral. If that wasn't awesome enough, I got a private tour that included sitting at the cathedral organ, walking on the roof with gargoyles, and a few other passages that tourists don't get to see. It was heaven on earth, which I guess, Notre Dame is supposed to be anyway.


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