Upjohn sponsored a hands-on science workshop for teachers in Kalamazoo.  Yes, there really is such a place. My cousin participated in this workshop and suggested I apply.   I thought it was a competition for teachers in the three state region of Ohio, Indiana and that state up north.  Imagine my surprise when I found out I was one of sixteen teachers selected from three countries - the USA, Canada and Great Britain!

I still can't believe how well we were treated.  Upjohn kept us busy day and night with hands-on lessons to make science fun.  We were given $500 to buy science equipment for our classrooms.  AND, we were each given a computer and printer in order to keep in e-mail contact with each other and continue to share ideas. This was back in the Dark Ages when NOBODY had personal computers. The computer had a screen about six by eight inches. There were no images to be seen. It was a black screen with green text. Like I said, the Dark Ages - but I had a computer!

Salivating? Wishing to participate too? Me too! I'd love to go again. Sadly the program was cancelled.