Awards and Recognition
I am mostly known for my murals and cartoons. It surprises people that I have other tricks up my sleave or skills in my finger tips. I've had an interesting artistic journey, and along the way, there have been some awards and recognition.

James Thurber Museum and Wild Goose Gallery

Featured Columbus cartoonist in the Cartoon Carnival, a tribute to James Thurber, sponsored by the Thurber House Museum and Wild Goose gallery .................

Google AdSense and my Murals     PromoWest and Columbus Makes Art Exhibition with the Aztec Sun
The people at Google were so pleased with my murals painted with AdSense income that they made a video and named me an economic success story.     This annual competition features the art of 4 Columbus artists in a very prominent location downtown. My Aztec Sun spent a year in the spotlight.

Internatinal School Manila and Philippine Postage Stamps

As a part of the school's 75th anniversary, my designs were used for both national and international postage stamps. ....................


Charles Darwin Foundation Artist

Six weeks in the Galapagos Islands working with the Charles Darwin Foundation as a resident artist, painting murals and illustrating educational materials

  Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris Artist  
  It was a case of being in the right place at the right time like never before, but when the rector of Notre Dame needed a cartoonist, I got the phone call.  
xx   xx  

African Folk Tales and the Microsoft Encarta Lesson Plan

Lightning struck twice. This lesson for the Microsoft's teacher website competition also won the grandprize. ............................

Hammurabi and the Microsoft Encarta Lesson Plan     Hall of Fame - and not so much of it
A heavy dose of cartooning went into this lesson for the Microsoft's teacher website competition. It helped me win the grandprize.     My cartoons have taken on a life of their own in projects ranging from UNESCO to Stratford on Avon, as well as Papua New Guinea to Canada and Australia.
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