CERCOS Presentation
One of the perks in teaching overseas is attending conferences in wonderful locations. When I taught in Ohio, I got to go to Dayton. While teaching in Morocco, the conference was in Madrid. While teaching in Zambia, I went to Botswana. My school in Belgium sent me to Warsaw, Paris and Rome. You can see the difference.

I presented at CERCOS conferences while teaching in Manila. Those conferences were in Hong Kong, Shanghai -- and, as seen in the photos -- and Beijing.  Two of the workshops included activities about teaching ancient China. With handouts to die for, they were worth their weight in chop suey.  I am especially proud of my original lesson about "Oracle Eggs". The workshop in Shanghai was about working with kids to create kid-owned drama presentations.   In this kind of play, the kids write, design, advertise, create, and definitely own the production.