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Zulu Warrior

No, you don't see any warriors even when on safari in Africa.  However, outside of Johannesburg, I visited Lesedi Village.  It was a cultural experience preserving the traditions of several South African tribes. Yes, it felt very touristy, but there were a few perks.  For one, it was the only place I saw a Zulu warrior.  The better perk was the fact that when you come to a place like Lesedi Village, and pay an admission fee, the people there expect to be photographed.  You don't have to feel embarrassed to ask (which I have often experienced).  And, you can get the photos you really want to have.

One of the treats at villages like this are the cultural presentations.  I loved the colors, music and the traditional dancers where Zulu warriors raised their legs over their heads and then stamped them in unison. But, there are also problems with cultural presentations -- especially when they want audience participation.  And, when an Ndebele woman took me by the hand, well . . . when in Rome (or South Africa), you have to do as the locals do.

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