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Tuareg Guide

On my very first vacation, I went to Zagora, on the edge of the Sahara desert.  It was home to the Tuaregs with their dark blue trubans.

Zagora's great claim to fame was the sign that said it was a 52 days camel journey to Timbuktu.  Of course, I had my picture taken in front of it wearing one of those blue turbans!  But, after my three hour camel ride into the desert, I knew that if I rode those 52 days, they would just bury my dead body somewhere on the way to Mali.  My rear end was so sore and my back ached from the continual swaying of the camel.  I gave up riding half-way into the desert and walked the rest of the journey.

It was a cold over-nighter in the desert.  I huddled around the fire as the Tuareg guide prepared a piping hot Moroccan tagine stew.  Then, piled under heavy blankets for warmth, there was little comfort on the hard ground.  Nobody slept as well as the nomad guide.  In spite of any discomfort, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  The trip to Zagora would simply not have been complete without this adventure.

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