Phillip Martin Art

Asia Collection

Red Soldier

You  N E V E R  take photos of soldiers in any country.  I know that lesson.  It is usually a guaranteed way to get yourself in some kind of trouble.  And, in my travels, I find enough trouble without doing anything thatís guaranteed.


Yet, here is a portrait of a Chinese soldier.


Of course, there is a story to go with it.  This was taken in Beijing at the Forbidden City. It might have been forbidden to take a photo of any Chinese soldier on duty protecting the city. However, this soldier was his friends, touring the grounds. He wanted to take a group picture of his friends in the Forbidden City. I indicated with some hand gestures that I would willingly take a photo with his camera. That would allow him to join his friends.  They all liked the idea.


I have learned over my years of traveling that if you first take a photo of someone with their camera, it is usually very easy to ask if you can also take one with yours. Nobody ever says no after a thoughtful gesture. Never!  It just doesn't happen.


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