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Rice Terrace Grandma

I donít always hire guides.  Sometimes I think it is cheaper to do a little research and go out on my own.  However, I have learned that guides usually are worth more than what they are paid.  A good guide knows locations and secrets that Iíd never discover on my own. 

Who knew there would be a delicious meal at a restaurant hidden away in the rice terraces?  I never would have found it on my own.  And without a guide, I never would have been able to talk to the rice terrace grandmother, working her farm behind the restaurant.  She was simply adorable, but I didnít want to ask for a photo.  It was another shy moment.  However, so very fortunately, this priceless little grandmother approached me and asked if I wanted to take her picture. 

When the photo opportunity was behind us, she had to ask the burning questions on her mind.  First of all, how can foreigners, who earn different currencies, get money to spend in Bali?  (There must have been no banks near the rice terraces.)  

Her second question was about life in the United States.  Did Americans also work in rice fields?  My answer was just inconceivable!  So, if Americans didnít work on harvest rice, what did they eat and where did they get it? 

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