Phillip Martin Art

The Asia Collection

Coin Necklace and Child

I hiked three hours, three very long hard hours, up a mountain with my guide to get to this little boy's village. Like many things in life, it isn't just the destination. The journey getting there was also important. That trip included a floating monastery dedicated to cats and skilled fishermen who could stand up and wrap a leg around an oar while casting nets from their little boats.

In the village, the only thing I really wanted to photograph was this little boy wearing a necklace of old coins. After I asked his mother, I really needed a video as he and his brother raced to wash their faces and dressed in their finest clothes.  But, this was in the days before that was easy technology.  The two brothers finally stood together, arms at their sides, without a hint of a smile, ready for the photograph.  So, I took the picture they thought I wanted.

Then, I explained the picture I really wanted to take.

The little boy took off his shirt, wrapped his "longyi" back around his waist, and sat down where I originally saw him, simply adorable and comfortable.


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